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None hematite beads are either semi precious stones, pearl coated hematite or 12 to 15 layers of gold and or stainless steel plating on beads.   Gold is 24 karat.


$18.95  Length 20" w/magnetic clasp

High Power 3000 gauss beads 


$18.95  Length 20" w/magnetic clasp

High Power 3000 gauss beads

Cat's Eye colors are blue, pink, green, lavender and turquoise

HN_Circle/multi Cat's Eye

$17.25  Length 20" w/magnetic clasp

Hematite w/cloisonné' cross 6 floral blue rice beads. 3000 gauss

HN_cross/blue clois 

$18.25 Length 20" w/ magnetic clasp

Hematite 3000 gauss w/ aurora borealis coating and semi precious stones  

Contains genuine turquoise, green jade, rose quartz, white jade, lapis, gold stone and spotted agate

HN_aurora_multi stone

$18.25  Length 20" w/magnetic clasp

Hexagon barrel cut hematite beads w/4MM hematite & turquoise round beads


$14.25  Length 20" w/magnetic clasp

Hematite 9MM X 3MM tube beads and 3MM round beads


$18.25 Length 20" w/ Magnetic Clasp

HN_Aurora Borealis With Turquoise & Silver Tone Beads.  

See Above Right For Aurora Borealis Beads, They Do Not Show Well In This Picture. 

Genuine Turquoise Beads

$18.25 Length 18" w/Magnetic Clasp

HN  12MM X 6MM hematite rice beads with 3MM round spacer, 6MM round beads and 6MM rose quartz